Memorial Giving

Sarah and Laura next to the Memory Tree on Sixth Floor.

Establishing a memorial is a powerful way to remember a loved one.

The Mary Lanning Memory Tree honors loved ones who have passed away, while benefiting patient care at the same time. A charitable gift of $250 memorializes a loved one’s name and year of passing with an engraved leaf on the Memory Tree. The tree is located on the sixth floor of Mary Lanning Healthcare.

Complete the donation form, or contact the Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation if you have questions about memorial gifting.

2016 In Memory Of:

Carl Andersen

  • Karen Andersen

Judy Anderson

  • Hermann Farms, Inc.

Norma Blevins

  • L. Michael and Sharon Watkins

James Boner

  • Cyndi Spears

Maxine Borley

  • Friends of Maxine
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Scott and Stephanie Barwick
  • Duane and Clare Baylor
  • James and Mary Cooke
  • Pamela Ferguson
  • Jane Foote
  • Dr. Donaldson and Patricia Kingsley
  • Lyndle Lewis and Katharina Schwidtal
  • Dr. William and Ginny Locke
  • Dennis and Marlene Mullen
  • Rick and Roxanne Nelson
  • McDermott & Miller, P.C.
  • Richard and Mary Plock
  • Dick and Kathy Samuelson
  • Sally Smith
  • Brad and Amy White
  • Dr. Kevin and Paige Wycoff

Gary Brennfoerder

  • Bradlee Brennfoerder

Mary Lou Brouillette

  • Jeff and Becky Schutte
  • Kathryn Schutte

Charles Bryan

  • Beth Bryan
  • Dustin and Lindsey Stuehrenberg

Gerald Crone

  • Friends of Gerald
  • Tom and Linda Ackles
  • Alice Anne Evertson
  • Jerry and Velma Greenfield
  • James Hubbell
  • John and Janice McBride
  • Linda Nelson
  • Wayne and Ila Nelson
  • William Roth
  • Glenda Streff
  • T-L Irrigation Company
  • Jeff Waechter
  • Robert and Sheila Zalman

Marjorie Dalrymple

  • Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. Employees
  • Christine Oliver

Mary Lou Daugherty

  • Dan and Paula Childers
  • Alan and Cathy Daugherty
  • Kathy DeLashmutt
  • Carla Flack
  • Timothy Gronseth
  • Dr. Nancy Krueger
  • Steve and Nancy McWhirter
  • Dennis and Marlene Mullen
  • Richard and Mary Plock
  • Paul and Mary Jo Swanson
  • Philip and Colleen Werner, Jr.

Timothy Denman

  • Glenn and Jerre Mays

Trishia Dilley

  • Dorothy Pender
  • David and Louis Petsch
  • Red Cloud Community Schools

Gladys Dooley

  • Carlie Cleveland

Jacqueline Erickson

  • Kevin and Kirstine Erickson
  • Milburn Erickson
  • Robert and Shelly Hepburn
  • Mary Northrop

Lynda Garver

  • C.M. Gary and Mari Anderson, Jr.

Barbara Garvin

  • Bart Fillbach
  • Randy Garvin
  • Gordon Hays
  • Russell Thomas

Martha Goble

  • Mike and Karen Allen

Shirley Harms

  • Richard and Mary Plock

Don Hartman

  • Donna O'Grady

Fern Karr

  • Gayle Karr

Michael Kneale

  • Patricia Kneale

Ellen Kottwitz

  • Kathy Kottwitz
  • Steve and Amy Svoboda

Beverly Krull

  • Friends of Beverly
  • Mark and Stephanie Bliss
  • Kevin and Jane Bruntz
  • Eldon and Donna Grothen
  • Doug and Sherrie Hollister
  • Patti Johnson
  • Amanda Ockinga
  • Rick and Nancy Poppe
  • L. Dale and Karen Pospisil
  • Lee and Eileen Saathoff
  • Patty Spady
  • Barbara Yost

Margaret Little

  • Dr. David and Majorie Little

Icle "Midge" Lowenthal

  • Friends of Icle "Midge"
  • Ruby Campbell
  • Paul and Shirley Kothe

Evelyn McMahon

  • John and Janis Fern
  • Ronald and Minnie Ann Lindvall

Stanley McMahon

  • Jan McMahon

Lois Mohlman

  • Paul and Sandy Ahlin
  • Evart and Shirley Barton
  • Clint Bostock
  • Andrew and Jan Heady
  • Charles and Debbie Keeney
  • Mary Van Boening

Sherrill Nielsen

  • Scott and Ruth Koch

Sandra C. Peterson

  • Bluestem Prairie Foundtion

Sharon Phinney

  • Hank Phinney

Doris Pierce

  • Friends of Doris
  • A.L. Govier
  • Stan and Marcella Knudson
  • Eugene and Joan Krabel
  • Homer and Margarget Pierce
  • Dennis and Charlene Turner
  • Lawrence and Geraldine Yost

Allan Roemmich

  • Dr. David and Majorie Little

Irvin Rothfuss

  • Helen Rothfuss
  • Jean Rynearson

Phyllis Rutt

  • John Christensen
  • Sandra Clark
  • Bruce and Donna Drury
  • Dave and Paula Englund
  • Rickie and Nancy Fielder
  • Cal and Jane Johnson
  • Mary Lanning Healthcare Environmental Services
  • Margaret Olsen
  • Wilma Pauley
  • David and Kathy Reinertson
  • Dolores Runcie
  • Doug and Melinda Runcie
  • Rev. Gerald and Linda Schwab
  • Elaine Warburton
  • Ron and Beth Wissing

Joyce Schiffler

  • C.M. Gary and Mari Anderson, Jr.
  • Donna Meyer
  • Melvin Shay

  • Richard and Debra Hill

Rita Shea

  • James and Cheryl Lorhan

Judy Hoffman

  • Patricia Kneale

Sheila Holliday

  • LaVila VanBoening

Creighton Horton

  • Bernie and Bev Sommer

Wilma Rose Jones

  • Steve and Valerie Frager

Lee Jurgens

  • Darrell and HoneyLou Bonar
  • James and Sheri Dykeman
  • Colleen Hohlen
  • Pamela Knipscheer
  • Betty Magee
  • Rich and Karen Portwood
  • Sally Smith
  • John and Michelle Thomas
  • Edward and Janice Wass

Bob Shipman

  • Irene Wirt

Paul R. Smith

  • Donald and Marie Rasmussen

Sharon Stark

  • Dean and Glenda Griess
  • Clifford and Dorothy Heftie
  • David and Linda Higbea
  • Fred and Carol Roeth
  • John Stark
  • David and Beth VanKirk

Luther Uden

  • Friends of Luther
  • Howard and Belva Junker
  • Lonnie and Wendy Olson
  • Nebraska Credit Union League, Inc.
  • Larry and Cindy Uden

Leona Wahl

  • Friends of Leona
  • Viola Clements
  • Virginia Smith
  • Barbara Yost

Evelyn Waters

  • Jan Bolliger
  • Patrick and Jeanne Duggins
  • Duane and Marceil Feldkamp
  • Karolyn Fulmer
  • Martin and Judy Hoch
  • Dr. Richard and Kathleen Hranac
  • Robert and Susan Sondag
  • Mike and Trish Sullivan
  • Mike and Sue Uridil
  • Philip and Colleen Werner, Jr.

Ronnie Lynn Weingart

  • Robert and Charlene

Alvin Wenske

  • Mary Ellen

Paul R. Wischmeier

  • Kaye Wischmeier

Marmion Yeagley, Sr.

  • Karen Ackerman
  • Nancie Alonso
  • James and Mary Askey
  • Clark and Mary Beavers
  • Dr. Mark and Chris Santos Brosnihan
  • Ken and Barbard Bohlen
  • Juanita Brown
  • Dr. Charles and Sigrid Eigenberg
  • Glenn and Judith Falk
  • Carolyn Hansen
  • Sally Harnett
  • Deanna January
  • Nora LaBarr
  • Julie Legler
  • Lyndle Lewis and Katharina Schwidtal
  • Gail Lovercheck
  • Mary Lanning Healthcare Lab
  • Donald and Glenda Minnig
  • Mary Northrop
  • Nancy Pavelka
  • Thomas and Rosemary Peterson
  • Sharon Sole
  • Barbara Stark
  • Rhonda Wendel
  • Gary Williams
2016 In Honor Of:

Bruce Cutright

  • Gallup

Penny Price

  • Donald and Marie Rasmussen

Gene and Jane Parks

  • Children and Gene and Jane Parks

Ryan, Carrie, Payton and Jameson Sullivan

  • Robert Broomfield